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Awning Cleaning

Awning Cleaning

Are your awnings looking old and faded?

Icon Power Washing specializes in awning cleaning and awning sealing services. We use low pressure washing techniques to lightly clean the outsides of the awnings. Next we use soft bristle brushes and scrub the exterior of the awnings with a mild detergent that is environmentally friendly. After spraying off all the debris and scrubbing the awnings thoroughly we then apply one last rinse to the awnings using low pressure.

If necessary, we will hand dry the awnings with micro-fiber clothes to make sure no hard water stains are left after our awning cleaning is completed. The result of our awning cleaning process is clean and shiny awnings that look brand new again.

We also offer awning sealing services in Seattle. After cleaning your awnings we can apply a sealant to help protect the awnings from further damage and maintain a clean and shiny appearance all year long. Call today for a quote!