Snow Plowing


Commercial or residential, we have you covered.  Let us clear the way so you can continue your everyday activities.



Freezing weather doesn’t always just mean snow.  With freezing tempetures and just a little bit of moisture, ice can occur.  We use a state of the art de-icing formula and sprayer to apply a  highly effective de-icing solution to your street, parking lot, and driveways.



Have a layer of ice on your driveway, parking lot or sidewalk?  Lets us salt the problem area and dissolve your ice problem.

Yes, snow is a four letter word. Why spend your time shoveling when you should be enjoying our snow fall. ICON Snow Services can take away he headache and backache of dealing with our harsh Northwest snow. Whether it’s shoveling a sidewalk or plowing your street, we can handle it for you. Own a business, we can help there too. We can plow, salt and de-ice your parking lot. Be ready and plan now. Ask for a free quote today.